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Lily and roses, the two flowers that symbolize love, are so delicate and full of lily fragrance filled the room, a fresh floral fragrance makes the tight nerves soft. I saw that the lily has a combination of pink and white, like the face of a red-haired girl, the eyes of the people can not bear to leave. Look at the bright red and yellow roses, there is a kind of flavor with the lily, they use the most beautiful gesture to bloom the most beautiful face of their life. They are attracted by their beauty when I pass a flower shop, involuntarily straight Walk into them, appreciate their beauty, and smell their body fragrance! In the shortest time, it has established a situation that cannot bear to leave. The flower seller is an old man of nearly 60 years old. The old gentleman has been selling flowers for nearly 20 years. I think this old man must also be a flower idiot. Otherwise, how can he be so loyal to accompany the flowers of the spring and autumn? ? ! There is no shortage of beautiful scenery in the world. What is lacking is that we do not find the beauty of the soul to see this effort to open the flowers Cheap Cigarettes. They do everything they can to decorate the beauty of the world with the most beautiful face, and live up to the mission of the flowers to the world. As a human being, we are fortunate to come to this colorful world. We should also learn the dedication of flowers Wholesale Cigarettes, embellish the beauty of the world with the most beautiful gestures, let our society be in the spring breeze, the season of blooming flowers. This kind of temperature society will let you experience the happiest taste. What kind of city do you want your city to be? You will try to be a kind of person, because your appearance is like a city! If you want your country to be a prosperous country, then you will be a national who struggles, because the appearance of the people determines the appearance of the nation!
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