Time flies, flowers
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Forfatter:  ylq123 [ Tor Aug 29, 2019 1:21 am ]
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Time flies, flowers bloom. The wind blew through the glitz of the world, blowing through the deep winter, blowing the warmth of the season... In the direction of the wind, I seem to hear an old song deep in the years Carton Of Cigarettes. Time keeps coming and keeps going. Only the old time on the tape has been in my heart.
I remember that year, my father bought a tape recorder from the city and a few tapes. At that time, having a tape recorder was a fashionable thing. The friends gathered in my home and put the tape into the recorder. On the left and right sides, side A, the beautiful melody sounded, and the ignorant hearts swayed with the song. Listening over and over again, singing over and over again, a blank tape filled with our messy songs and laughter recorders has become our baby. Young people, who have accumulated pocket money, look forward to the release of new tapes. Not only do you like the beautiful songs on the tape, but you also like the cool singers on the tape cover, as well as the tiny lyrics. The lyrics of each song have been carefully copied into the small books that we carry with us. As a first moving poem, the monotonous days are a bit more lingering, and more poetry and affection Wholesale Cigarettes. Pop music spread like the wind in every corner of the country. It was the first time I met him. The tape recorder played Teresa Teng��s "Sweet Honey", the sweet and sweet song, slowly in the room. drift. Suddenly, the tape was stuck, breaking our silent atmosphere. He quickly opened the tape cover, and the brown belt inside had become a mess. I saw him pick up a pencil on the table and slowly rolled back the messy tape. It turns out that he is also a fan, and there are more tapes than me. Like a long-lost old friend, we chatted about a familiar song. The warmth of the familiarity filled the whole house. With the rapid development of life, we have a single player. On the day of the wedding, I specially asked people to use the video recorder to record a happy tape of our happiness, and put it over and over again in the days after marriage. Although it is difficult to see tape recorders now, we have a tape that records our happy times, and we still treasure them as treasures. A few days ago, I discussed with my lover the happy time in the tape, and found a way to copy it to the CD, which is more convenient to play, but also let us relive the warm old time in the tape in the twists and turns of the years, yesterday More and more, less and less tomorrow. The longer the time, the longer the memory is. Today, when the times are updated, I still like to sit quietly in the depths of time Cigarettes For Sale, listen to a long old song, warm as ever. Even though the memory is full of dust, the old time on the tape seems to be yesterday, still so clear and beautiful.

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