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 Innleggets emne: If you are not old
InnleggSkrevet: Tor Aug 29, 2019 1:20 am 

Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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If you are not old, if you still believe in love, the movie "Daisy" is not to be missed.
This classic Korean film, of course, must have beautiful scenery. The dreamy pastoral scenery and pure background music in the movie present a feast for you. Just like the name of the movie, the large daisy used to order the title, the mood is immediately clear. The picturesque beauty and the natural beauty of the whole beauty, Ji Zhixian, and the love story that has been born here are really beautiful. For love, different people will have different feelings. The loOn a rainy day, I used an umbrella to walk a car far away on a slippery road, and the speed was not slow. Beside me, it was a relatively low-pitched depression. After the rain, there was a lot of water deposited there. I couldn��t get out of it. It��s very likely that the car was driving low and the water would splash on me quickly. I was ready to press the umbrella down slightly. When the water splashed on me, I could stop the car from opening. The water didn't splash out of my imagination, just a little bit overflowing. In the blink of an eye, I returned to the low-lying car. I obviously saw theve that this movie says, like a daisy, blooms faintly and dies in an instant. It has a large expanse of warmth and a sadness with the rain. It can't afford the rose's rich and luxurious, just attracting you with its faint fragrance, touching every nerve that is not numb. I think this is the kind of love that is not expensive Whether he is a hero of the world or a small man in the city, he will give all his love to his lover. Regardless of whether he is in the light or in the dark Cigarettes Online, he will take care of his lover in his own way. For love, at all costs for the unknown half, we have been waiting. In the movie, the heroine Huiying waited for the person who sent the flowers, the person who built the bridge. The wooden bridge built for her by the creek was the bridge to her pure heart, and in the continuation of the daisy he sent daily, love bloomed in their hearts. Perhaps this sweet waiting and unpredictable fantasy in love is the most beautiful state. Some people say that the flower language of daisy is a delicate and easy-to-fold love Cigarettes For Sale. The love blooms instantly and instantly, when we see that the last daisy painting is stained with blood, our heart will have a bloody pain. If the ending is so fierce, don't have an ending, let us immerse ourselves in this beautiful romantic waiting, receive a pot of daisies every day, knowing that someone is loving themselves.

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