Why I'm glad Michael Vick
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There hasn't been a fight yet," a source connected to the investigation told SB Nation."Keep in mind, this is a program that was 100 percent ready to defend Hugh Freeze before he was caught with the phone records and escorts. As far as the NCAA goes, Ole Miss was committed to defending the guy and their program," the source said. Related The NCAA wants MSU's Lewis at its hearing against Ole Miss In this Storystream The Ole Miss NCAA drama timeline: Freeze, Tunsil, buying mut 20 coins and everything else The Ole Miss case is showing how the NCAA sausage gets made The NCAA didn't believe Donte Moncrief's brother could buy a car. So they launched an investigation.

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Michael Vick's NFL career ended with him on the sidelines. Now, he's looking to start a new one on those very same sidelines, this time as a coach. Vick, who is working as a coaching intern with the Chiefs now, revealed his goals on Adam Schefter's podcast last month.Vick told Schefter that his current priority was helping kids, and then casually slipped in "if I could coach one day or be an ambassador for somebody that's a great opportunity too.""I think my heart is really into teaching the game of Madden NFL," Vick said. "I feel like I've learned so much from so many great coaches over the years. I don't want to bottle up a lot of knowledge."

Related Why I'm glad Michael Vick got the chance to retire as a Falcon He was specific as to where he wanted to coach as well. "I really can't really relay the messages I want to relay to a high school kid," he said. "You don't have to dumb it down, but you can't be as complex, madden coins 20 and I get that. On a collegiate level or professional level you can express ideas, you can go into detail, and you can coach hard, and that's what I want to be able to do."Vick was looking official as a Chiefs intern on their first day of training camp.

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