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 Innleggets emne: on of ink and ink
InnleggSkrevet: Tir Jul 02, 2019 6:13 am 

Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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on of ink and ink reached a certain point. The bamboo shadows were uneven, faintly appearing, or dry or solid, and large splashes of ink forced out moisture. There is also the air-eye between the bamboo gaps Parliament Cigarettes, which makes the tough expression of a few centuries of the world unspeakable, and everything becomes a cloud of smoke at the bottom of the pen, and it spills over to the work. That morning, my father saw this page, and suddenly it stopped. This "Hundred Years of Poetry" is a hundred-year commemorative album of Mr. Fang Shiheng. The brown cloth cover is like a brown harmony. There is always a big stream in the hidden stream. Life is like a river. In the constant hundred turns, the gas Make sure you are free. I read an aesthetic about the river, and the words are still watching. In fact, a river, a vein, a mountain spring, and a Bitan are fundamentally awe of life Newport Cigarettes. For the ancestors, it is not just things, but A kind of care and deeper life emotions, both respect for people and awe of nature. Look, those who are cherished by you, must also cherish the first set of stationery that you remember when you entered school. Mr. Fang��s gift was given to his father��s forgotten years, and he became attached to the art. Later, almost all of Mr. Fang��s use of the seal was from the hand of his father, Ge Wende, such as the representatives of the Qipai Marlboro Lights, the fishermen, the magnificent mountains and rivers, etc. It is included in this album. When my father read these works in the morning light, can you recall the many details of the interaction with Fang Lao? At this time, although he was silently writing in the morning light, but the undercurrent, rising in the bottom of his heart, mapped to the front of the work, it must be flowing. In the long river of life, those who can meet the intersection of the souls are indeed a kind of lucky in the dark. They can say some words and make some in-depth exchanges. This is a deep pity in the soul. The source lies in constant Create new beauty, as a result of inner and mutual stimulation, go higher and further on a road, the worldly wind and rain has become a warm gift, but also an opportunity to enlighten life. Therefore, the general focus on the art is introverted, calm, no need for other expressions, no care for him. Desperate, persistent on the road, quiet in his own realm. The process of life is to constantly absorb, filter, sweep the dust, move toward transparency, and return to calm. Although they only interacted for only two years, in the father's impression, Mr. Fang Lao should be a well-known art predecessor in his life, and read the album. Mr. Fang��s gentle and humility is full of enthusiasm. The heart is snow, the white head is strong. This is a high-level summary of Mr. Zhu Qizhan's character and paintings. Wei Meng Zhang Menglong Monument is also Mr. Fang Lao��s own position, gold stone taste and vicissitudes of life when he talks with the eldest son, which may resonate with his personality and experience. The founder of the Anhui art education, professor of the Fine Arts Department of Anhui Normal University, Mr. Painting is a fusion of Chinese and Western art. There are many admirers in the school Marlboro Red. Because he is a proud disciple of Master Xu Beihong, he missed the Central Academy of Fine Arts because of his own physical reasons. After the opportunity to teach, Liao Jingwen later evaluated the door of the master of the sorrowfulness of the sorrowful master with "satisfaction and enthusiasm." There is a detail that should not be missed. At that time, Mr. Xu Beihong taught the students during the Anti-Japanese War. He suddenly heard the alarm. Many students went to the basement to avoid the fire. Only the student stayed with the teacher firmly, and the atmosphere was silent. The endowment is highlighted in an instant, just like the high-quality pen in the painting, the taste is enough. The true story of this collaborative painting in the midst of the war was included in the "Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of Xu Beihong's Birth" and has been widely circulated so far. While listening to his father's remarks, the two masters appeared in front of them, as if deep in the winter night, a person leaning against the window, watching the clouds and shadows of the sky, the shadows of the trees. The high and far-reaching festival of bamboo is the yearning and pursuit of the artist. Therefore, many works are related to bamboo and think of Su Wu and Wen Tianxiang. As long as people with the same temperament are inseparable from integrity, humility, or painting, or title, Or, let the world come to the elegant rhyme of bamboo. In fact, there is no smell. Bamboo is silent and flexible. Bamboo shadows and bamboo curtains are all things that make people silent. The bamboo spoons that put the vegetables and the bamboo spoons that drink the soup are also watery, and they are rendered in the fireworks. Suddenly, I feel the quiet heart of food. The fragrance of the bamboo forest in the mountains can relax naturally in the summer. When I feel lazy and chaotic, I often go to the mountains to walk. In addition to filtering the pure heart, I can also Absorbing a little bit of grass and quietness, it will also be inadvertently found that the Shanli Bamboo Trade Union has brought some inheritance skills to the scenic spots Marlboro Cigarettes. A young man with a head is compiling a phoenix, bamboo and bamboo leaves are the main raw materials, old There will also be some craftsmen in the street shop, but most of the young people go to the city to work, ignoring these details. There will also be some new factories that grow up quickly after the rain Newport 100S. I remember going to a bamboo factory in the mountains. It is a two-story open-air building with thousands of bamboo strips hanging down from the platform on the second floor. When the wind is blowing, I can feel the flexibility of the bamboo. It is weak and swaying. It looks like soft water. In fact, it is very firm inside. The finished product on the side can be used to rival the time, just like the bamboo baskets and bamboo baskets in the old house. Passed down from generation to generation, the end will bring the family's luster and temperature. I couldn't help but think of another gentleman, Yang Lan. There is a paragraph of text that is introduced in this way. The text of Mr. is often called elegant and unique. What is even more rare is that when she uses this moist brush to describe those who are unbearable. In the past, there was also a calmness. This kind of calmness has been thoroughly carried out in the collection of "We Are", "Great sorrow to the bones, return to calm" now looking back ten years, still can remember some pieces of heart. "I don't argue with anyone, and I don't feel confused about who I am." If you put it on Mr. Fang Lao's rain and bamboo, it is appropriate. They have all stood in the low places of simple life, and they are considered to be the highest in the realm of life. The Wuhu people in Anhui Province, born in a family of scholars, have been stunned by their childhood. They have been in the "Selected Works of Writers", "Young Writers", "The Years", "Compositions and Examinations". "", "Reading", "China Water Supply and Water Conservation", "Jianghuai Morning News", "Wuhu Literature", "Wuhu Daily", "Dajiang Evening News", "Red Sleeve Tim", "Under the Banyan Tree", "Chinese Literature", More than 100 works have been published in magazines, newspapers or websites such as "Chinese Literature Network", "Prose Text Network" and "Mei Wen Wang". Some of the works have been selected into the collection of essays published by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and "Selected Works of Penghu Writers" and selected by professional magazines. For excellent essays. His grandfather Ge Zhaojun graduated from Shanghai Hosei University and was one of the five judges who tried the case of the "Nanjing Massacre" culprit Gu Shoufu; the first discoverer of Anhui Fanchang Ke Chong Kiln, CCTV's "Exploration and Discovery" column "�����ߺ�The Qingbai Porcelain has detailed records; the famous calligrapher of the Republic of China has been exhibited with Mr Carton Of Cigarettes. Guo Moruo, Shen Yinmo, Yu Youren, Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi, Ma Gongyu and Xu Beihong. Father Ge Wende is a member of the Chinese
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