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 Innleggets emne: ssed. The ugly state
InnleggSkrevet: Ons Sep 11, 2019 7:35 am 

Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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I don��t know how many times I dreamt about the river in my hometown. It carries the unforgettable time of my childhood Marlboro Gold, where my happiness is flowing and my innocence flows. The river runs across the village from east to west. My family lives on the south side of the river and goes through the small river every day. There are large stones scattered in the river, and the stones are relatively flat. Instead of bridges, they cross the stones and go up and down the river. Crossing the river in the spring and autumn is a problem. At that time, the economic conditions were not good. There were very few shoes that could be washed. If you accidentally fell into the river, you could go home and change it. The bad thing is that you must wear wet shoes. In the previous day's class, the classroom was dark and hard to imagine the summer. The river is a paradise for children. On holidays, we will take the tools of catching small fish from home and come to the river to be used for loading. The small fish bottle is placed by the river and picked up in the big hood. It is the family used to fish rice in the past. It is walking along the river and placing the hood in the bottom of the grass in the water grass. Hold the handle in the hood, stand on the side of the hood, and step on the other leg as far as possible from the distance. The fish will be rushed into the hood and quickly picked up. The fish was caught so easily. Put it in the prepared bottle and continue, you can catch small mud, small flower carp, small white pheasant. . . The small fish caught back are usually raised and played. Most of them are fed chickens, ducks and geese. The rivers are soaring, the rivers are soaring, roaring, the rivers of the loess color are like angry lions, running east. West hit, unstoppable, the road was washed away. The people in the village can only look at it from a distance, and hold the hand of their own child tightly, for fear of being dragged by the flood, letting the river perform its arrogance and hegemony. After the flood season, the river slowly recovered from the previous winter of Roumann. The river was frozen and then frozen. The river was wide and wide, and naturally became the ice rink of the children. Most of them are homemade ice carts: there are rectangular wooden boards with large buttocks, and two wooden strips with the same thickness and thickness, each of which is fixed with a thick wire under the direction. Look for the round sticks that the two hands can hold, and push the tip of the long nail that has gone to the head outward, and the popsicles will be ready. Sitting cross-legged on the ice car, holding the popsicles on the ice and pushing them back, then pulling up, the wire on the ice car automatically slides on the ice, wanting to slide faster, the popsicles on the hand move quickly Some can be, if you want to slow down, you have to drag the popsicles behind the ice car and drag it to increase the resistance. The speed can be mastered by yourself. Boys are more adventurous, and the ice car can only stand and slide: there is a horizontal bar in the middle, only two feet can be placed on both sides, the front and rear are fixed with wooden strips, the front is low and the rear is high, and the bottom is only placed in the middle Marlboro Red. The right length of iron. There is a high risk factor for sliding, and you need to master the balance yourself. Very few girls dare to play. We often play the exhilaration, the days are not black, don't go home, the little faces are cold and red, watching the young girls wearing high heels, walking up the ass, twisting, very Peugeot, ɷ is envy . I don't know if the little girl is smart and invented the trick of growing taller and taller In the winter, we often in the middle of the river without frozen water, the shoe heel water, step on the appropriate stone with the heel, use enough time to freeze, high heels become, hehe! This patent is valid only in certain areas and at specific times. Sometimes I accidentally dropped a stone, and I was embarrassed. The ugly state of childhood was fascinating. Every time I remembered, my mood was very pleasant. Time flies, time flies, children looking at play in a daze, nostalgia Years, I don't want to grow up, I want to go back to the river and get back to the long-lost innocence.

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