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 Innleggets emne: Memorize Mr. Xu
InnleggSkrevet: Tir Jul 02, 2019 6:14 am 

Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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Memorize Mr. Xu Beihong's proud doorman Mr. Fang Shiheng's 100th birthday, quietly sitting in the house, unprovoked, windy, sly, seen from different facing windows, full of eyes. Imagine if it was not the river of destiny, taking me to this ferry, I can't imagine how it would continue to live in the face of the original burnout. Until now, the greatest benefit of migration is gradually revealed. In this vast space, you will not encounter a familiar face. No one will call you your name. Always remind you, who is it? Everything is a kind of absent-minded expression, strangely let the heart give birth to a casual attachment, it seems that everything in the original has become less important, life is rummaging in the dictionary of gains and losses, and instantly rushing for the lusts of the world. The tired body and mind have found a strong excuses for excuses. It��s good to have a very different password in this mouth. There is a strong smell of earthworms, bursting, looking for direction and source, downstairs in a small pool. The workers are turning mud, dark, stinking and squeaking into the nose, which is horrible. In fact, the feelings with a city are like getting along with one person, and each other is calm and tolerant. It takes three meals a day to polish Marlboro Red. The secular face has to start with vegetables. Passing through the door of the market, an old man peeled the beans in the autumn wind of the world. He peeled the shells one by one, took out the beans that were full of different flavors, and then threw the empty shells to the side at random, clearly having a plain, The old man looked up inadvertently, and the eyes of a bunch of life hit me. We are also on the road of continuous emptying. The floating world seems to consume too much effort. The fireworks that have been away from it are soaked in the body, and now I am rushing to the No. 8 subway, from the edge of the city to the center of the hinterland, only for the sake of Go and see "Uffizi". In the tremble of the car, the eyes stretched out from the crowd, looking for the name of the Shanghai Museum, the two sides of the window have been rushing out of a fashion face, ubiquitous modern design, real effects, people stare. After a stroke, and then a secular face printed on the window glass in the car, seems to have become a still life in the sliding time. The direct subway to People's Square, as long as you can easily go anywhere, this city will be ironed out of the city, forming a radial map in the heart, the other fine details of the city have faded. From the market to the museum, the subway seems to easily run through the most beautiful poles in the world. The museum has become a huge container in the city. The word "Ding" has a sense of crossing. Understanding the past and present of a city begins here. The museum is a history of materialization. People talk through cultural relics and history, through time and space, overlooking the wind and rain of history. Now the words "Uffizi" have been floating in the mind: 15th to 20th centuries; collections, these The keywords are only three times in the history of the Uffizi tour, and the number of works this time is almost twice that of the previous two. In addition to the fascination of Botticelli, Tintoretto and Titian, I still like to see the name of the painting and the work, and I like the paintings that depict the still life and the scene of life Newport 100S, as if I were thinking of it. The floating world found a verbal expression. It is especially attached to the still life of several "Vases". Under the dark light and the purple background wall, it is impossible to see the brush strokes. When you can't help but look over, you will be "beep". Two symbols like reminders, and then the body was swiftly shrouded in the air, as if only to become a still life to be able to solve Bartolomeo Binbi's "Vase", just picked the bouquet, someone was delighted to insert the bottle, suddenly The children quietly retired to one side, quietly watching the breath of life drifting out, clearly having a taste of life, and suddenly the whole house sank into the depths of the season. Looking at the contrast between the light and the dark shadow of the bouquet, the dark part is deeply immersed in, and the person who leads is going to go to the back to find out. Look at the details of the petals, almost blending with the background, the bright part jumps to the front, directly a stroke of bright, high concentration, high-definition will pick out the petals one by one, some unintentionally fall, like the name of Kunqu Even if the makeup is unloaded, the gas field remains. The painting technique is very familiar and vivid, and it may be a mystery from the modulation and performance of color. At this moment, I seem to have opened a window. When I look out the window, it is a natural thing hundreds of years ago. Within a wall, through the window of the world, I am silent, the natural loss is impermanent, the ethereal is nothing, sometimes just the corner of my mouth. Looking at the natural still life in the vivid brushstrokes, it is more like being separated by a long time subway on the promenade. Time has become a door between me and my hometown Marlboro Gold. The faces I once knew in memory are coming. The more ambiguous, and I stayed in their memory for a short stay, and when I turned around, there was no trace. Just like the "fish" recorded in front of the moment, people who don't have fishing, the fish that are harvested are pulsating on the ship's board, standing in front of the painting, clearly can feel the struggle and life of life, just like in the market. Watching the beautiful women kill the fish, cold, forbearance, and then dipped in the basin, the fish floated in the blood of the red. Going forward, a "stocking room" slides in the quiet light, and a wild bird's tail feathers open into a fan-shaped arc, which makes the whole line composition have a dynamic change. These natural creatures are in the dark. There is a bunch of docile expressions, serene and quiet, and I can't wait. It is the life of the world that has preserved the poetry of the world. In fact, those poetic moments are always passing through. Their entanglement with the fireworks makes life not so famous. Now it has slipped through such a passage, and it can be held for a few days. With a book, and for some fireworks daily, but always can not be on the heart, even the tolerance of a pound of vegetables is not. Nowadays, I can sullenly sink in the midsummer days, silently, only to concentrate on preparing a meal for my parents. Far from home, once so disdainful, as the years change, the more you feel the smell of fireworks, after the hardship of migration, the love of the other places. In the days gone by, the truth is that the competition is not scented for decades. One evening Parliament Cigarettes, taking the child in the lane of his hometown Cheap Cigarettes, he thought that he left some shadow in his childhood memories, but he could only let the little hand face the ruins. I finally understood that some people or things are gradually disappearing. Some moments are only left in memory or dreams. They are going to sink to the bottom of the lake. No one can do anything, even if I don��t stay away, stay in the same place, and I will stay around. Change, only like a plant, so that there is a kind of power that attaches importance to the surrounding Marlboro Cigarettes, knowing where your tentacles should go to pick up children to go to school, feeling that when you face a quiet campus, it is like coming to the origin of life. It��s like water, I thought it would be better to grow up. In fact, this is not the case. The whirlpool of life makes us helpless, lost, changed, left one place, goes to another, another one, those endless desires let the bottom of my heart Panic, what is the end, is this what I want to pursue? If you can sit in the autumn wind on the side of the road, you will have an excuse to slow down, and then put yourself into the big tank of life, keep the state of my life, and suddenly the life is like a distant place in the text. The lights are burning, the spring is full of smog, the sallow is long, the sun is not seen for a few days, and the heart is gradually looking forward to it. The night of the wind and rain is even more annoying. The album in his hand turned to an ink-and-wash bamboo. Looking at the painting, the infiltratiCalligraphers Association, a national senior artist, a full-time calligraphy engraver of the Anhui Wuhu Calligraphy and Painting Institute, a council member of the Anhui Province Engraving Research Association, an honorary chairman of the Wuhu Calligraphers Association, an famous calligraphy engraver in Anhui, and a calligraphy engraving. Jingcai, a self-contained, published in 2001, "Ge Zhaoxuan Wende Qiaoqi calligraphy engraved set", Anhui TV station in July 2002, respectively, "Indians slash and ploughed" calligraphy interviewed Mr Newport Cigarettes. Ge Wende interview, In June 2012, he photographed his calligraphy art, which was broadcasted on the theme of ��I Love Poetry and Painting�� on the screen of the Anhui TV station. His works have been collected by many collections, temples and forests at home and abroad.
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