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 Innleggets emne: My principal concern about WoW Classic
InnleggSkrevet: Man Okt 14, 2019 5:53 pm 
All you needed was a principal tank that has been semi-decently geared with a bit of passion resist for a few fights and who knows how to construct threat. The boss mechanisms were so basic in comparison with today since most supervisors had possibly a single mechanic you listen to. Have the bomb Garr? Run out of the group. Kill adds first on Ragnaros with wow classic gold etc.. The boss rage timers were rather generous therefore there was not a huge dps cutoff to complete the fight, pretty common in a pug back then to get half of your group wipe along with the rest still finish the fight comfortably. The only difficult thing with theses previous raids is that which strikes your tank HARD, therefore some healers need to be at low rank (to preserve mana) heals continuously when he's full to mitigate explode.

Challenge was just another I guess, but ultimately none of that takes a brand new game. The one thing a brand new game would reach is fresh images, and also a temporary new universe to learn. Quickly it would be consumed like every game is now days, and it would be in the same situations as WoW Classic. It doesn't matter whether it is WoW Classic or even a new game. The core advantage of wows doctrine is the fact that it has so much to do and learn, and just enjoy that you don't even need new content actually to enjoy.

My principal concern about WoW Classic is that it is nonetheless created by Blizzard.Seriously, it is the very company that went from developing a few, glistening, interesting and sometimes even innovative games with an immersive story and world steeped in mystery and magic. Into one that farts out bland, unimaginative shovelware on a regular basis with no story in any way, or nonsensical weeb-fan fic with a clear fashion over substance approach.And now we are expected to feel the same company that thought THIS are the perfect approach, minus the great majority of key figures responsible for the first games, to turn around and get everything right? I don't see how this makes any sense to anybody.

They're bringing back WoW Classic the original iteration of WoW Classic. Its WoW Classic coming as WoW Classic, if they make any adjustments individuals will demonize them instead of just talking shit or becoming mad with WoW Classic. As far as the first devs. One of them is on overwatch today with best classic wow gold site, yet another is class design on dks if he was the dev of both pvp and the others have gone and been replaced by activision employees. The original devs with the philosophy of WoW Classic arent around the ones here now arent responsible for WoW Classic to say they are the reason for what contemporary wow is currently is simply idiotic.

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