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Neurofeedback training is available from many providers in some parts of New York but still is not widely available in other parts of the state. Manhattan has several providers. There are some in Westchester County and others in Long Island and Queens. They are much more rare in other areas like Upstate New York.

Some resources for finding providers include the Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society ( ), The Association for Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback ( ) and the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance ( ) Each website has a listing of providers that you can search by region. These can be an excellent resource for people looking for providers of neurofeedback training in New York as well as for professionals considering becoming a provider. They can see where there is more competition and where there is more need and opportunity.

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The experience portion requires the applicant to complete 100 sessions of neurofeedback on clients and 10 on themselves plus review of the experience work with an experienced mentor. This process gives the applicant a much better chance of being successful at providing neurofeedback training to their clients.

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