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 Innleggets emne: WoW Classic at launch Blizzard could have gotten
InnleggSkrevet: Ons Okt 16, 2019 8:30 am 

Registrert: Ons Okt 16, 2019 5:46 am
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And because all the end of the classic wow gold line presents required 30 points or so within a single tree to access, it was necessary for there to be some abilities that existed solely to soak up those factors. It was a system that I think had there been half as many courses in WoW Classic at launch Blizzard could have gotten.

I believe that the Cataclysm amount of talent choices but with the ability to cross spec are the best compromise between what Talent Trees once were in relation to the simplicity of how they are now.1.12 Blood Craze it's basically useless, you won't ever get to cover even 1 hit from a telescope together with itjust wasted things,

BUT the older version was really really good, we often underestimate the troll's passive Regeneration, it's fairly well known nowdays that spirit stacks exponentially, therefore all you had to to buy wow classic gold was to stap soul on a warrior to the older version of Blood Craze to be an insanely superior survivability instrument; considering it now, if you were to go a troll prot warrior and pick that old talent, you likely would not ever need to drink as long as you fight 1 mob at a time.

Ofc you could not use that talent at tanking anyway, but not only cause it's sucked, only place you needed to build a lot of soul to make it worth or even too great, but if you should pick spirit for tanking you'd be sacrificing endurance or strenght that being essentially your tankiness and treath, just was not an option when we speak about optimizing; (additionally there were not many things with both defense and soul on these, so...) but yeah, clearly for how itemization was you couldn't utilize that talent/passive for tanking, but it was VERY usefull for leveling up, as long as you bothered losing any dps and tankiness and spend on health regen, since spirit directly affects the non-combact health regen, decreasing the consequences between a mob and another by a lot, and which makes it overall faster to level.

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