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Hollywood Visits The Cosmetic Dentist - Celebrities Who Have Had Work Done Health Articles | August 26 Wholesale NCAA Jerseys , 2011
Even the celebrities you know and love visit the cosmetic dentist to get work done. Here are some celebs who have gotten their teeth straightened or touched up through modern dental procedures.

Thinking about visiting the cosmetic dentist? Before you have a look at their before and after pictures, take a minute to consider what dental work has done for some of the world's favorite celebrities. Here's just a sampling of celebs who have had work done on their smiles.

American Idol Gets Its Teeth Done

Simon Cowell, the equally scary and funny host of "American Idol" has a sparkly smile that's not entirely natural. Part of it is due to veneer work that he got done. He paid around a thousand pounds a veneer; you can get it done much cheaper than that!

Speaking of "American Idol," third-place Idol champion Elliott Yasmin was tortured by the press for the appearance of his teeth Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , nicknamed "Snaggletooth" by many. Is it his fault he loves to smile so much? $50,000 and 20 painful hours in the dentist's chair later and he has a row of perfect, radiant teeth.

Pop Music And Cosmetic Dentistry

Always a fashion trendsetter, hundreds of adult women ran to their nearest cosmetic dentist to get braces after Gwen Stefani made it big. She made braces look cool Wholesale Jerseys From China , but it was more than just a fashion statement. They were real!

Hillary Duff is known for her high-energy performances. During one such performance, she chipped a tooth on the microphone and it took a whole row of veneers to fix it. But now her smile is looking as wonderful as ever.

Miley Cyrus is another young start who had dental work done. She also had veneers done. It's not that she wasn't cute beforehand with her snaggleteeth, but after visiting the cosmetic dentist she really looks like a Hollywood beauty.

Hollywood Gets Straightened And Whitened

Before getting his dental veneers done, George Clooney had gums that were too big for his teeth. Now he smiles with teeth that are fuller and more proportionate Wholesale Jerseys China , making him look younger than he did before.

Zac Efron is a younger actor who made a huge splash with "High School Musical." If you've ever seen any of his pre-Musical TV appearances, you know that he had an extremely noticeable gap between his front teeth. Once again, dental work to the rescue!

In 2003, Nicholas Cage was seen with what looked like silver braces on his lower teeth. If you thought you spotted them Wholesale Jerseys , you were right. The star says that he was between movies and he wanted to get them straightened.

Finally, even boxers get work done. Mike Tyson had a smile makeover in recent years that got rid of his caps and his gap.

If a cosmetic dentist can do it for them, they can definitely do it for you. Only you don't have to pay tens of thousands of dollars at a Hollywood dental clinic. Your local dental clinic offers veneers, teeth straightening Cheap NCAA College Jerseys , teeth whitening and more at costs you can afford.

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