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 Innleggets emne: During the Chinese New Year,
InnleggSkrevet: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:43 am 

Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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During the Chinese New Year, did everyone spend at ho the night of New Year's Eve, I arrived in Beijing in the sound of firecrackers, so this year, I spent the night in Beijing! the second day in Beijing Newport Cigarettes Price, my mother took me to the Great Wall. "Not that the Great Wall is not a hero, it is a pity to go to the Great Wall." I must have heard this sentence, but I really don't believe it. After a period of driving, got out of the car, a cold winter wind rushed to me, let me fight. But how is the water in the river next to it so calm? Oh! It turned out to be thick ice! We finally saw the "long dragon" that was lying on the mountain! When I first came to Beijing, I saw the majestic Great Wall standing in front of me for the first time. I was excited to run up, excited and squatting, always feeling like it was a dream!hen the aunt bought the ticket Newport Cigarettes, I couldn��t wait to run this long ��long dragon�� and look at the miracle left by our ancestors Marlboro Gold Pack. The Great Wall twisted and twisted along the mountain, as if a snake was looking for food, and it was in the mountains.eeing the huge stones on the Great Wall, I was amazed: How did the ancient people labored such a large stone to the mountains? I thought as I went up and up. As the distance from the starting point is getting farther and farther, the upward steps are getting steeper and steeper. There are only two or three books with high steps, which suddenly increase by more than ten centimeters. Then it becomes a little high for a while, and for a while, let People are hard to walk. Not to mention the downhill road Carton Of Cigarettes, when you walk down, it seems to fall off accidentally.stood at the height of a station on the Great Wall and looked down. Wow! It seems that everything on the ground can be seen clearly, and it is in my eyes. A tree, a person, an animal, a leaf, and even what is going on underneath, can almost see nothing. .me passed by, and it was already noon, and I reluctantly left the "long dragon" lying on the mountain Marlboro Red. After leaving, I thought: "It��s a pity to go to the Great Wall," but "It��s really shocking to the Great Wall!"

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