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Dato/klokkeslett: Fre Des 14, 2018 1:40 pm

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 Innleggets emne: I am going back to my hometown
InnleggSkrevet: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:42 am 

Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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I am going back to my hometown for the New Year. Although my home is cold but the air is very good, there is no big thick clouds and dusty fog. When I breathe, I feel that the air is extraordinarily sweet and smooth. the morning, facing the sun with a slight sleepiness, I pushed open the window. For a time, the children��s playfulness Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the smell of unknown food, the flaming little firecrackers sizzling, the old man pushed the sugar melons, The fragmented car, the smoke from the chimney, the sparrows jumping on the eaves Online Cigarettes, all in front of me, all the good things unfolded in the early morning.en I was in the New Year, I usually went to my grandmother's house. Several children gathered together. The children were full of chaos. After a while, I took the candy and cried Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. After a while, the clothes that stained the clothes were again. The fight was over; the adults sat around the house, and the morning of chatting and playing cards passed. The aunts, in addition to being busy in the kitchen, had to take care of the children all the time, the appeasement of the past, and the persuasion of persuasion. Busy, this is noon.n the dish came up, the wine was set up, waiting for the old people to go down the chopsticks first, and the adults also talked and laughed. The toasting of the toast, the New Year��s greetings Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the dinners are all laughter and the atmosphere is harmonious. . was dark early in the morning, and the deep night sky was like a thin layer of translucent icing on the edge of the candied haw. It seemed to be able to look straight up for nine days, and was reflected by the tens of thousands of lights Carton Of Marlboro Reds. There is a little bit of softness. this time, people are almost scattered, only our family and grandparents, the TV is playing the Spring Festival Gala, the headlights are turned off, and a small orange-sized lamp is lit up, exuding The light of beige, the faint light of the flickering and faint, faded away all day long and busy, and it was really plain and warm.n the next few days, it��s all the same...s a faint year, and it��s a quiet year. It��s also a year of enthusiasm. In fact, we celebrate the New Year in order to enjoy the warmth and warmth of everyone.

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