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 Innleggets emne: Runescape is the only sport apart from EVE online
InnleggSkrevet: Man Okt 14, 2019 5:54 pm 
In any case, none of this matters since the battle system is so fundamental, a six year old could be instructed how to perform it.My criticisms of the game are my very own, no one told me to state these items. While I do watch movies on RuneScape gold, it is largely positive, and they surely do not bring up the majority of the problems that I mention.On the concept of level scaling, you don't know what it is. Level scaling is the process of fitting them to a set level and carrying all of player's stats. It evens the playing area, also makes sure everybody has a chance at winning. Runescape clearly has nothing of the description, therefore it's not surprising that the combat is awful.

I actually agree with much of what is being said here. I don't like Black Desert. The one thing I must say is that if they include botting to design and the game about it, it's not an issue. Kind of like how buying coins has been a problem until Runescape inserted in bonds (economy's already been damaged though).If you genuinely don't care that you're being manipulated into giving away your cash, then fine. Play the game. After all, ignorance is bliss, and we largely play games for entertainment.I do not care when JAGEX"requires" to make money. They do not need to do it and there are dozens of ways to gain revenue. They can sell cosmetics. They can make and sell actual expansions (however, I don't mean just like how Runescape 3 adds one particular town, I mean a true expansion). They could sell XP promotes or benefit items.

You shouldn't be concerned for their well - being. They should need to try to keep you playing, if you decide they're not doing good enough and leave. They are a company, not individuals; and businesses are made to make money.This is a partly accurate description of why people bot. Too bad it has nothing. Runescape is the only sport (apart from EVE online) which I've seen with a botting problem. Every other game has discovered a way to design around robots, but Runescape has still failed to fix that problem.You still don't comprehend there are better methods to do this than low drop prices. I favor the"evaluation of ability" alternative, but I understand why you wouldn't like this, since you've got none.

Here is a solution I have seen implemented with fantastic sucess, without making the game a grindy mess such as Runescape. First: Raise the fall rate. In this manner, anyone skilled enough to overcome the boss (and therefore prove they deserve the reward) gets the reward to buy rs3 gold. 2: make the thing un-tradable. Funny how easy that is. Almost like Runescape does not do this because of any other ulterior motive; for example, say, making artificial scarcity to match the thing's worth.I'm pleased to hear you want alternatives to relying on RNGesus for loot. Here's a few I have seen work better than Runescape's method, as well as to.

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