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 Innleggets emne: cheap swiss Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch H64725131
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cheap swiss Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch H64725131

The new Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date H64725131 watch series uses a black system that fashion designers like to use and launches a blueprint for design. The panel uses the night view of the street scene of Broadway to transform into a geometrically contrasting approach that exudes a unique and intense design tension and timing. The special vulcanized rubber of the ring is chamfered to reveal a layered glamour material of different combinations. The Broadway collection features a new custom-designed sword-shaped hand and a unique time scale to look out over Broadway's magnificent Broadway avenue for a sleek, modern look. Both models feature a red pointed second hand and a unique panel highlight. The pointer is coated with luminescent material, just like you are on Broadway in Walden Street. The watch features Hamilton double-sided stereo ears and polished matte finishes, as well as a polished diamond bezel with polished light.

The effect between the dial and the pointer. The Broadway series is designed to cater to the discerning appetite of young and active urbanites and seeks to combine the superior quality, technology and aesthetics of Hamilton's American sensibility. Broadway Avenue transforms it into a geometrically contrasting approach that exudes a unique and intense design tension. On a hot summer day, am I planning to go to the water on weekends? In this sweltering season, inow was officially launched in Taiwan. Today, new crown protectors and super water resistance up to 1000 meters deep are working.

In fact, best luxury watches Hamilton's first generation of frogman diving watches was born in World War II. At that time, in conjunction with the needs of the US Marine Corps, the protection measures for the position of the canopy were strengthened, and the concept of a field military kettle was used to create a "hanging pot." The protective device makes the watch stronger. Therefore, after the end of the Second World War, Hamilton received a medal from the US government in recognition of its contribution to the US military. Inspired by the military kettle plug cover, the patented crown protection device for the frogman diving watch can be turned through the crown, which is a major feature of the watch.

Of course, for decades, the new frogman watch is more like a modern diving watch than a look. The design of the crown protection device has been improved and more thoughts. After rotating easily, remove the outer layer and rotate the crown to adjust the time. This patented design is also known as the "swing arm suspension pot crown protection bridge".
The name of the Frogman (Frogman) watch in the khaki Frogman professional diving watch illustrates the history of the Marine Corps Frogs design. In 1951, Hamilton began working with Hollywood to match the "frog" watch to the movie "Frog Man." (frogman) moved to the big screen together. By the way, it includes the film "Jesus Rescue", which caused the discussion "Will you save Mide Dimon a few times?" last year.

(The film also clearly shows the photo of Matt Damon wearing a Hamilton luxury mens watches .) Hanmir collaborated with Hollywood on 450 films, three of which showed red, blue and black borders. The red bezel has a diameter of 46 mm and a titanium case. It is light and domineering. It is equipped with a drain valve and is water resistant up to 1000 meters. The blue and black borders and dial are slightly smaller. Introduced with a diameter of 42 mm, although it is not one kilometer deep and has a waterproof performance of 300 meters, it has passed the professional diving certification of IOS 6425 specification.Stainless steel case, diameter 42mm, hour, minute, second, date display, one-way rotating bezel, swing arm structure hanging pot type crown guard, H-10 automatic winding movement, power reserve 80 hours, sapphire crystal Glass mirror, waterproof 300 meters, rubber or stainless steel strap, blue bezel, face plate, recommended price: NTD 34,100.

The three frogman diving watches are equipped with the H-10 automatic lifting movement, with 80 hours of power storage efficiency, practical. With the name "Affordable Race Diving Watch", the 46mm model comes with a special textured rubber strap and is priced at NT$45,500. The 42mm black and blue dials are available in stainless steel. With a strap or rubber strap, the price is controlled within NT$40,000 (NTD 34,100) and is very competitive.

Nowadays, the new frogman watches have arrived in Taiwan. At the official press conference, the brand specially invited the main actors of the weekend idol drama "Flying Fish College Students", Lai Dongxian, Tu Shancun and Ying Chengxi to attend the event, and performed the new khaki Frogman professional diving hamilton watch review watch.

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