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 Innleggets emne: TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CBG2051.FC6426 watch
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Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph CBG2051.FC6426 watch

For more than 150 years,tag heuer carrera replica has been committed to its core goal and vision -- to create the most accurate mechanical wristwatch.
In the Swiss watchmaking industry, the precision control equipment of watches are certified by the Swiss official observatory inspection agency (COSC). However, the certification results only cover the basic (hour - minute - second) watch function, not the timing function.
To ensure the quality and accuracy of the final chronograph, tag house is developing a reference document that aims to set the highest and most standardized quality standards for the watch industry. So tag heuer needs to constantly develop the most accurate chronograph - the accuracy of the existing market at least 10 times more than the watch for measurement and evaluation. This is one of the key reasons why tag heuer's research and development team has been so focused on advancing the high-frequency movement since the 21st century. In just seven years tag heuer has gone from 4 hz to 1 hz.

Tag heuer: our tradition is to challenge tradition
Christian huygens invented the pendulum clock in 1675, which consists of a balance wheel and a spiral spring. Over the centuries, the structure has been refined and refined, but all improvements are still based on huygens's original pendulum watches replica .

It is not perfect, it is a compromise. Huygens's pendulum clock is unquestionably reliable and beautiful in structure, but it still has certain limitations, such as accuracy, which destroys its geometric properties due to the influence of gravity on mass; Materials are affected by thermal expansion, and frequencies above 500 hz are virtually unattainable for this system.
In order to solve these limitations, the Swiss watch opened up a new heaven and earth, elegant engineers and tabulation of masters made a revolutionary decision: abandon balance wheel balance spring and balance, starting from scratch, using the theory of mechanical completely transform mechanical watch micro-tensioning system - since more than three centuries ago huygens so start, so can a tag heuer success.
Tag heuer Mikrogirder: the first step to extreme precision
MIKROGIRDER the micro-tensioning system can be said to be unprecedented, it from the vision, research and development and manufacturing are elegant, Switzerland Xia Defen r&d lab. For three centuries watchmaking follow the traditional method of production, storage, adjust the energy, but Mikrogirder with its potential new machine core power and save energy, time will be cut into smaller units, cheap fake watches stride towards extreme precision, for watchmaking opened a new era.

Mikrogirder 5/10000 or 1/2000 of a second, accurate to unprecedented new micro-tensioning system -- a linear oscillator and blade holder (different from traditional way of swing in the spiral balance spring) vibration in a small Angle, rather than a traditional watches, swing Angle of 320 degrees.
The advantages of the new system are self-evident. For a typical gossamer, the effect of gravity is a major problem. But Mikrogirder does not exist the problem. It can be calibrated with extremely high frequency spectrum without power consumption, so there will be no amplitude and core frequency decay phenomenon. It greatly improves the precision (time division) and performance (frequency accuracy and stability). Mikrogirder makes elegant timing clock reached the height of the ultra-high frequency domain not imagine, the initiative is expected to break through 10 patents.

The statistics are simply staggering: 1,000 Hertz means an accuracy of 5/10,000 seconds, or 7.2 million vibrations per hour. And the conventional mechanical watch only have 4 Hertz, vibration only 28800 times per hour, by contrast, Mikrogirder is their 250 times!Mikrogirder dual-frequency system through independent double chain structure to ensure accuracy tag heuer monaco replica .

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