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 Innleggets emne: I still remember
InnleggSkrevet: Ons Jul 17, 2019 1:15 am 

Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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I still remember when I was living in Gion, I like to get up early. The long hair with a loose head is always arbitrarily combed by hand, and the face of the water is washed along the river. Fold a branch of mountain flowers, blowing a leaf flute in his mouth, faintly ringing, laughing and running. Always happily flying in the depths of Gion, like wearing the pink plastic flat shoes running in the garden, listening to the slings of the little birds, to see the early rise of small animals dance. In fact, the most want to do is to find the early morning to go to the sound of the reeds Cheap Cigarettes. Hey, Minger is my dearest person. There are butterflies in the flowers, there are bees collecting pollen beside the flower trees, and then the little beasts who work at night are rushing home in the morning light, the little hare, the little fox and the wolf are also uncertain. It. I took a book, a pink tulle, a long-haired shawl, and a look of joy to read the song in the depths of the garden: "The sky is green, the white dew is frost. The so-called Iraqis, on the water side." Just read this In a sentence, it seems as if an ancient style painting is present in front of the eyes: the fog is misty, the reeds are lush, and the beautiful woman seems to be far and near in the cool atmosphere of the dew, suddenly disappearing... slowly moving towards me Come. Oh, I looked at it and suddenly saw what was that? Jingjing's Yingying sparkles with colorful light and falls all over the corner of the garden. Sparkling and bright, crystal clear, shining in the morning light magical light. Oh, dew, it��s like the sentence in the Book of Songs: Bai Lu��s attempt. White dew has not. I suddenly felt that the beautiful dew was just like the "Book of Songs" that I just held from my hand. It was fresh, soft, and full of poetry. Just in the morning when the dewdrops of the garden were revealed to poetry, I read the beautiful poem and walked to the depths of the garden. For my beloved, I can appear in front of me early, and I fly like a beautiful angel in the garden. Singing, happiness is turning into a peach flower on my face, and the color is beautiful. The morning sun is so bright, the morning air is extraordinarily new, the birds are screaming in the woods, and the small flowers and grass are lingering under the trees Marlboro Red. I looked up at the trees and looked down at the green grass. The eyes were swayed by the crystal clear water droplets Online Cigarettes, and the flowers seemed to be slightly smoked.
Oh, it��s dew, the beautiful dewdrops are shining in the morning light, and the crystal is active. On the tall tree, the dewdrops are a little bit between the green leaves, and the dewdrops that are covered with a net on the spider web, the crystal is bright Newport Cigarettes. On the tip of the grass, on the petals of small flowers, on the ground, on the trees and trees, and on the small snails, there are bright dew drops on the lotus leaf. It is the lotus leaf of the field in the lotus pond, like a pearl. Children, a grain garden, crystal clear in the green world, shining, and comparable to a pool of green water soft waves. I couldn't help but sigh, and suddenly found that the dew was so beautiful, so beautiful, even though their lives were so short, because they quickly evaporated under the sun, but they were still beautiful. It is elated, whether it is on the branches or on the ground green carpet, or on the top of the grass, not sad or not, safe and optimistic, fascinating. I reached out and tried to hold a drop of dewdrops, only to find that my clothes and dresses were already wet, and the hair seemed to be washed. The whole person was so refreshed after such a dew bath Newport 100S, and it wa
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