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Registrert: Man Jul 16, 2018 9:41 am
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me. I want to scream but I am afraid that it affects its solemnity, so I can only look at it quietly and accept the mapping from it. My husband asked me to stand under this beautiful scenery. He said, I will feel that Anning River is happy, and I will forget a lot of grief. Maybe, at least, I feel that I am happy at that moment. What a wonderful gift nature gives us, how can we always ignore it and destroy it? This is a place that has not yet been developed, so it retains the original beauty, but I don��t know if it is ten years later, after a hundred years, whether they It will also be presented in this way; I pray to the heavens to make this beauty last. After walking for more than an hour, finally, I saw the grassland in my dreams. They really appeared in front of my eyes. I blinked my eyes and made sure that I was not dreaming, so beautiful, so beautiful. If all the goodness can continue, then this trip is a trip that will make me unforgettable. When we laid the tarpaulin and prepared to start our picnic, the mountain came down with a local Tibetan man. As far as he was, he said, Tashidler, we are still lamenting his friendship, he has come to us. He said that this mountain is their home, and the grass is also the food prepared for the winter cattle and sheep; therefore Carton Of Cigarettes, we have to pay a certain fee, which reminds me of the ancient man, the mantra of the bandits, the second mountain is me. Open, this tree is planted by me, I have to pass by and leave the money to buy. At that moment, we realized that we were slaughtered again. One person is five yuan and ten people are fifty yuan. We insist on not giving it. This is the mountain, the nature, and when it belongs to the individual, but he can��t understand anything. Just repeat a sentence and pay the money. Looking at such a snarling person, we took out ten yuan. If we want to stop, don't even forget it. Let's change places. Estimated that he also wants to count how much, and quickly close the ten yuan, said, you can play here, I am here to watch, God, he stared at the side, we can have funWe took out the food and asked him to eat too. He was still unwelcome Marlboro Cigarettes. After eating, he actually had to take the kind of crisper that we used to carry things, and it was very stubborn, so greedy, let us With a little indignation, it��s just a box. We don��t compromise. The beauty of nature makes these so-called hospitable Khampa people squat, what a wonderful journey to keep the guardians of these primitive ecological environments. We have cast a heavy shadow. These have no little impact on the children Online Cigarettes. They are still happy, running here. It��s not too late to harvest every surprise given by nature. We are also ready to return. The Kangbahan started to call. We laughed and guessed that he must have told the next person that he had received the money and could change someone to continue slaughtering us Newport 100S, huh, huh. Returning along the original road, I felt that I had no excitement and joy when I came. The simple toilets on the roadside were five yuan, which was much more expensive than the bathroom in the big city. The Tagong Prairie was once regarded as a paradise for photographers. Indeed, such a poor technology can produce this beautiful scenery. If it is under their camera, what kind of scenery should it be Marlboro Lights, their works will Let our Khampa Plateau go to the world and let many tourists come to visit. I don��t remember where I have seen such a sentence. Now those photographers from other places have not dared to get involved here. For what reason, it is estimated that they are greedy and fierce. What a hope, they can change this short-term hunting action, so that the beauty here can be seen by more people next time, my husband asked me, I smile, go, why not go, Maybe the next steppe is the real grassland.

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