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 Innleggets emne: What Does the Rest of Jamaica’s Medical Cannabis Law Cover?
InnleggSkrevet: Tor Jul 04, 2019 8:12 am 

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Besides cannabis use for medical or therapeutic purposes, the new “Ganja Law” is the first of its kind to legally recognize marijuana use for religious ceremonies, which is great news for self-identified Rastafarians. Members of this religion can now grow and transport their marijuana with no limits, but cannot sell it or consume it outside their place of worship. Everyone else with a medical marijuana permit may also grow up to five plants for personal use, but they are required to be a citizen of Jamaica. handmade glass pipes

A Boost to Jamaica’s Cannabis Tourism Industry?

Only time will tell the true impact of Jamaica’s new medical marijuana industry. Because sales kicked off a little over a year ago (and commenced shortly after Canada’s legal cannabis market came online), there is still much to be seen in the coming years before an accurate assessment can be made. That being said, marijuana tourism is a thriving market and Jamaica, the birthplace of landrace strains like Lamb’s Bread, Reggae, and Bob Marley, is as on brand as any place for a boom to happen. The barriers to legal purchase can be pretty much tripped over and Kaya Farms, the nation’s first medical marijuana facility, is leading the charge. Their tourist-friendly, wellness-focused facility offers a cafe, lounge, juice bar, CBD massage parlor, and an herb house offering carefully curated heirloom strains. There’s even a doctor on site offering medical marijuana permits for purchase. pipes and bongs

It also helps that Jamaica is already a tourist destination on its own without the incentive of cannabis. The amount of money spent by the tourists already there will certainly increase thanks to the increased ease and decreased risk of obtaining marijuana. This money will also be going back into the government through taxes and permit fees instead of into the black market, which will further help the economy. Resorts built on Kaya Farms’ model will spring up all over the island, offering tourist-focused marijuana experiences, which will be a strong draw to anyone coming to the island. However, whether medical marijuana alone will be enough of a draw for a flood of new tourists to fly across the ocean remains to be seen. Either way, decriminalizing cannabis and legalizing medical marijuana is morally, socially, and economically beneficial. No matter how many more people it brings, we can say that the island of Jamaica is already on a better path.

Since the scientific discovery of cannabinoids, these unique compounds that act on our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS) have typically been associated with the cannabis plant. That all may change with a recent breakthrough in genetic engineering. Scientists have created brewer’s yeast (yes, the kind that makes beer) capable of manufacturing multiple cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, THCV-A and CBV, as well as the “parent” cannabinoid CBG-A.

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