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 Innleggets emne: Urwerk Replica UR-210 CP watch
InnleggSkrevet: Man Jul 01, 2019 11:53 am 

Swiss independent watch brand URWERK(urwerk replica) has teamed up with art knife expert Emmanuel Esposito and sculptor Johnny Dowell "King Nerd" to launch two new timepieces:

Ur-t8 "Colibri" is equipped with a T8 "Colibri" knife handmade by Emmanuel Esposito.

The UR-T8 watch Colibri case USES the same Mosaic technology as the folding knife. Hundreds of black-lipped mother-of-pearl are cut into diamond shapes, sorted by hand and arranged according to the way they reflect light. The resulting Mosaic Mosaic oscillates between light and dark as it moves. Each pearl is connected by an 18-karat gold pin, and each inlay is framed by an old black bakelite frame. The diamond pattern is set with titanium inserts, and the 3-d engraving is in the same pattern as the URWERK T8 case. Additionally, the patented c lock mechanism shapes the locking blade in the open and closed position, which has been redesigned to resemble the URWERK T8 case outline.

A very special property of the knife is that it contains a sapphire glass window that shows a dynamic internal turbine, similar to the working turbine in the Urwerk watch mechanism.

Developed in collaboration with Johnny Dowell, the ur-t8 skull watch is limited to five pieces. This watch goes with its art knife. The Colibri t-8 is a custom-made folding knife. The handle is made of 416 stainless steel and has a built-in blade mechanism that runs on ceramic ball bearings. The handle, lock and blade are characterized by pearl inlaid black lip, watch replicas which is designed by alternating light technology to create a unique color effect.

Dispersion of seconds
The study and ergonomics layout of the ur-111c black indications dominated its design. Under a framed glass window, every second is away from hours and minutes, except for winding and fixing the rollers. The digital seconds, orange on black, look oddly magnified as they zigzags through a circular window in progress. The five-second number was mounted on both wheels -- splitting between even and odd Numbers and appearing in turn as the opposite wheel counter rotated. Each wheel with Numbers is made of a skeleton using the LIGA process and weighs just 0.025 grams. These tiny Numbers would not be visible if they were not brought into view by a dense array of optical fiber beams a tenth of a millimeter above the number.

The URWERK's exceptional design matches the size of its watch. Extraordinary displays of time find their true expression only when they are clearly visible, and it takes space. Volume and shape are also controlled by Martin Frei's artistic vision.

However, the ur-111c black is definitely the URWERK(replica urwerk watches sale ) model for long wrists. Comfort is guaranteed by the form of the case, which follows the curved surface of the watch. Wear one and the bones and muscles of your wrist will fit perfectly. You wouldn't expect a watch of this unique size and shape to be so comfortable to wear. But surprises are always part of the wolverk experience.

Unique to ulwak is its signature time-travel complexity, with hours on a satellite followed by minutes in orbit. Four satellites, each carrying a three-hour number, are mounted on a rotating conveyor belt with open operation. As a result of the improved design, the rotation of the carousel and the change of the order of hours on the satellite are done with quiet and smooth efficiency. You must press the sliding TAB on the ur-105 CT Maverick to discover its inner workings. You'll see how long the satellite runs on the four arms of a new open carousel. Each satellite carries three hours, and when the satellite appears in a 60-minute orbit, three hours becomes the correct time. Therefore, time is represented in a combination of digital and analog ways when roaming.

The remaining indicator on the dial consists of a power reserve indicator and a digital second. Digital seconds are remarkable because they represent one-tenth of a second. The system is made by lithography, a process in which markers are skeletonized every second and weigh less than a tenth of a gram.In the back, two turbines control the automatic winding system. They are regulated by leverage. In full position, the slightest motion activates the winding rotor. By turning the lever to the red (reduced) position, the turbine suppresses the winding action to avoid too much tension on the main spring. At the stop position, the automatic winding is released, best fake watches and the watch can be wound manually through the crown.

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