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FAR OG BARN er pappamagasinet for ekte mannfolk som er til stede og tar ansvar for sine barn. Det maskuline motstykket til de rosa mammabladene. Vi tar menn og papparollen å alvor! Bestill et årsabonnement i dag for kun kr. 295 + porto/eksp. (kr 84). Den perfekte farsdagsgave!
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 Innleggets emne: rand is “keen to get as many of these
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It allows for me to be Adidas ZX 850 Donne a more efficient runner,” says Iman Smith, 38, a former Army sergeant turned full-time runner, who ran a 3:10 in New York, shaving 40 minutes off his previous PR. Even though Smith acknowledges his intensive training had a lot to Nike Air Max 90 Femme do with his performance—a low-mileage week for him is about 40 miles—he says he can’t imagine racing without the 4%. “You’re not thinking about the shoe. Typically when you’re running for an extended amount of time, at some point you’re Adidas Superstar Femme always thinking about the shoes. You’re thinking, My feet are hurting. Am I getting blisters? I’m starting to feel the ground under my feet. [But in the Vaporfly 4%] I felt like I could literally run forever.”Acquiring a pair of the Vaporfly 4% is not, however, as easy as walking into a store and plunking down your credit card. Running stores are perpetually sold out, and Nike Air Max 95 Dames even has for months shown a “coming soon” notice for the 4%.Nike does have a third shoe in the series, the Zoom Fly, which is truly widely available, uses a more standard midsole foam, called Lunarlon, and retails for $150—a Nike Air Huarache Donne quarter the price of the Elites, but without the Zoom X foam that could trim your race time.
“We wished we had more stock to fulfill demand, since we’re able to sell through our inventory pretty quickly,” says Wil Cramer, the general manager Adidas NMD Donne and footwear buyer for Brooklyn Running Co., in New York City. Cramer wouldn’t reveal just how many pairs of the Vaporfly 4% the shop had sold, but said requests for replenishment by Nike were based on availability. He also confirmed that Nike would be releasing a new colorway next spring 2018, and that his store was already booked to get some—although he wouldn’t say Nike Air Max 90 Mujer how many.
David Boutillier, CEO of the Fleet Feet Sports branch in Rochester, New York, says he was in the same boat. His store, which stocked sizes 6 to 13 of the 4%, sold out of the core sizes almost immediately. They most recently Nike Air Force 1 Donne scored a restock two weeks ago, which had sold out by the time this article was published.
Shawn Marlovits, owner of the Fleet Feet Sports branch in Hoboken, New Jersey, said he didn’t believe his store had the opportunity to bring in the 4% at all. “Regardless of hype around a specific shoe, there’s a lot of decisions that go into bringing the shoe into our store. Every single Fleet Feet is locally owned,” he says. “Nike generally picks the higher-profile stores, especially for a limited-distribution option like the 4%. But honestly, we didn’t have many requests for them.”Still, Nike’s senior director Nike Air Huarache Femme for global running footwear product, Bret Schoolmeester, tells us the brand is “keen to get as many of these shoes to runners as possible”—a statement that left us pondering the meaning of “as many” and “as possible.”That the Vaporflys Nike Air Max 270 Donne are available at all was not necessarily foreordained. When Nike first announced the magical shoe that Kipchoge, Desisa, and Tadese would wear for the Breaking2 attempt in Monza, Italy, there was little indication it would be available to the general public. The company even joked via Instagram about running ads for a shoe that was unavailable for purchase.

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